Buy and sell Instagram photos online


Project Type: Individual Project

Skills Used: Ideation, Product Design, Task Flows, Wireframing, Front-End Development

Project Duration: September - October 2014


SnapBar is a conceptual website that lets you buy and sell your Instagram photos online.

The Idea

Today, there are over 150 million Instagram users. The reason behind Instagram's immense popularity is that Instagram created the ‘need’ for everyday people to feel like photographers with their ‘point-and-shoot’ mobile phone cameras, and unleash their creativity by allowing them to share their work on a common online platform. Popular people on Instagram have thousands of people following their work (some have more than a million). SnapBar takes this ‘need’ forward by letting users take advantage of the popularity of their work and sell their photos online. On collaborating with the website, you can print and ship your purchased photos (4x4, 5x5 or 8x8 size) anywhere in the world for no more than 5 dollars. Sitting here in Atlanta, I could buy that absolutely stunning photo taken by a Swedish ‘Instagrammer’, at his quoted price, and send it to my friend in India with a total of just 4 dollars for shipping and printing. Or you could decide to paint your wall yellow and put up vintage looking photographs taken by people from all over the world.

Ideation Process

The first thing that came to my mind when I had to choose my domain was 'photos'. I LOVE photos. I strongly believe in the overused adage "A picture is worth a thousand words". After choosing my Domain, I started spending more and more time on every photo related website to see if there was any striking value addition I could make somewhere. Proper collocation of Information was one thing, but what was it that was missing in this domain?
I am an avid Instagram user. I love some of the photos that a friend of mine puts up. She is not a photographer, but she travels around the world and puts up these really beautiful photographs. Sometimes, I feel like buying the amazing pictures I see on Instagram. I picked on this thought and started looking up on how people buy photographs online. On reading different articles and spending time on photo selling websites like 500px, Getty Images, Ebay, etc., I came up with the idea of SnapBar.

Competitive Analysis

Why SnapBar?

1. Instagram users are not allowed the save the work of other users.
2. No semantic segmentation of photos on photo-selling websites. Poor navigation, information architecture and dearth of information.
3. No proper market online for point-and-soot photographers/ small size images.
4. Opportunity to make some money (specially for students) on the side.
5. Need to share purchases made on Social Media.

Final Presentation