Lazy Tom

Simulating the daily life of a lazy school boy


Project Type: Individual Project

Skills Used: Ideation, Game Design, Logic Building, Wireframing, Visual Design, Game Development

Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Photoshop

Project Duration: October - December 2014


‘Lazy Tom’ is a simulation of the daily life experience of a ten year old lazy kid.


To perform well in a science test.
Timeline= 1 Day

Game Scenarios

1. Tom’s messy room to pack his school bag.
2. Maths Lecture
3. Geography Lecture
4. History Lecture
5. Science Test

Game Variables

1. Mood
2. Test Preparation
3. Concentration
4. Punishment
5. Social

Game Outcomes

1. Grade A+
2. Grade B+
3. Grade C
4. Busted
5. Detention

Story & Character Development

In the beginning, the basic thought was just to manage the day schedule of a school boy. Slowly, the character took light to Tom (named after “Tom Sawyer” from the Charles Dickens series). Tom was given the characteristic of being an extremely lazy and unorganized kid who found it very difficult to manage his time efficiently. The game got centered around this thought with each scenario depicting a time bound task for the user. This gave birth to the first scenario of the game, in which the user is shown Tom’s messy room and expected to pack his school bag within 15 seconds. To make the game more interactive, I ended up giving various interactive choices to the user in each lecture which affected the game variables.

The idea was to not only make the game nail bitingly enjoyable, but to also employ an educational aspect to the plot. In each of time bound lectures, the user has the option to “Answer Teacher’s Question”. These questions are General knowledge questions taken from the course textbooks of 5th grader. Answering these questions correctly increases the values of the game variables that help Tom perform better in the test.

Final Presentation